Lisa Jennings



  • 1964 BA Psychotherapy and Psychology
  • 1967 MWS and more Psychotherapy training University of California, USA
  • 2011 EFT Practitioner Training
  • 2013 EmoTrance Trainer Training
  • 2013 Positive EFT Practitioner training
  • 3 year Acupuncture training
  • Registered acupuncturist.
  • Nutritionist DIploma

Work in many Psychotheraputic settings:

1963 to 1970 In the USA. working in sevral hospital and clinical settings as a Psychotherapist.

  • 1970-1979 UK NHS and Education Sevices and private practice working with a wide range of emotional pain.
  • 1971 One of the 1st people in the world to start working with family therapy.
  • 1979-81 In charge of patient care in Maternity and Gyn hosp in Kuwait
  • 1982-Present Private practice in psychotherapy of many types. Working to relieve emotional problems
  • 1985 Training in Hypnosis with BPS.
  • Sat on the committee of the Erikson society for many years and ran the professional, post grad trainings.

I currently practice on The telephone and on Skype as I move around the world.


ALl digestive complaints

Easy and comfortable CHildBirth

  • Having been in practice about 55 years, my specialties are:
  • Mystery illnesses and IBS and ME which I treat in a variety of ways with great success,
  • Skin Disorders,
  • All kinds of emotional Distress,
  • Hypnosis for Child Birth,
  • Special counseling for Celiac disease sufferers.

I treat with Nutrition and SupplementsPsychotherapy , EFT, EmoTrance, Hypnosis, and I am a life long meditater and facilitate Vipassana meditation groups.

My style is to look at the whole person as much as possible and find ways to bring the body and the mind back to health and joy. To help people really find their energy again and enjoy this wonderful gift of life.